CSA Sales closed for 2020 

Thanks to everyone who purchased a Seedling CSA Package.  

We will have individual seedlings for Sale at our Park Farm Stand starting mid-April,

so you can fill out your CSA package, or pick and choose seedlings a la cart.

Seedlings will be available for Pickup at the Park Farm Stand

Exact pickup dates will be finalized in Early April

Recommended Resources for Veggie Gardening in N NV

Veggie Gardening in N NV from University of Nevada Cooperative Extension PDF

Plant Spacing Chart 1

Plant Spacing Chart 2

Square Foot Bio-Intensive Spacing (great for raised bed gardening)

Yields Info (by veggie species and how many plants to grow of each)

Harvesting Info

Harvesting How-To Videos 

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In 2020, we are hatching a Veggie Seedling CSA program to support local gardening and food production beyond our park farm site to the homes in our community. 


Similar to a vegetable CSA, you pre-order now then pick up your seedlings when they're ready to plant.  


We're offering both cool season and warm season packages for small and large home veggie gardens.

Veggie Seedling CSA Packages

Cool Season - Pickup ~April 15th

  • "Part-Timer" (fills ~two 3'x8' raised beds): $20

    • 24 plants in four 6-packs​ 

      • 3 kale, 3 collards, 3 swiss chard, 3 snap peas, 6 asian green medley, 6 lettuce medley

  • "Full-Timer" (fills ~four 2.5' x 10' beds or 100 sq.ft.): $50

    • 72 plants in twelve 6-packs​

      • 12 kale, 12 collards, 12 swiss chard, 12 snap peas, 12 asian green medley, 12 lettuce medley

Warm Season - Pickup ~June 7th

  • "Part-Timer" (fills ~two 3'x8' raised beds): $50

    • 20 plants in eight 4" pots and two 6-packs

      • 4" pots - 1 cherry tomato, 1 slicer/heirloom tomato, 1 summer squash, 1 winter squash, 1 cucumber,       1 eggplant, 1 hot pepper, 1 Anaheim pepper

      • 6-packs - 3 basil, 3 green beans (pole), 3 kale, 3 swiss chard

  • "Full-Timer"  (fills ~eight 2.5' x 10' beds or 200 sq.ft.): $120

    • 68 plants in twenty 4" pots and eight 6-packs​

      • 4" pots - 2 cherry tomato, 4 slicer/heirloom tomato, 3 summer squash (zuchinni, yellow, pattypan), 3 winter squash (delictata, spaghetti, pumpkin), 4 cucumber (pickling, Suhyo long), 4 eggplant 

      • 6-packs - 3 hot peppers, 3 sweet peppers, 6 Anaheim peppers, 6 basil, 6 green beans (pole), 3 kale, 3 collards, 6 swiss chard, 12 corn

Combine both Cool and Warm season for a discount!!

  • "Part-Timer Combo" package $60

  • "Full-Timer Combo" package $160


What is a CSA?

A CSA is a Community Supported Agriculture model. This process helps build connections within the local food system, where community members (you) invest in producers (us). CSAs were first developed to supply community members with fresh veggies. Our Seedling CSA provides you with veggie starts for a wide selection of "tried 'n true" crop varieties to grow in your home gardens. Your purchase helps to support our vision of expanding local food production in as many ways as possible throughout the community.

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