Bee friendly reno

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Year two of our community campaign is complete. We've given away over 500 signs and helped educate our neighbors on the benefits of being bee and pollinator friendly.  You can still take the pledge and pick up your sign in the spring when the farm stand re-opens. 


Until then we encourage you to leave your leaves around your plants to create wonderful nesting ground for pollinator species.  Leaving your leaves is also a great way to keep green waste out of the landfill and it provides free mulch and nutrients for the soil when it decomposes.  We do have 20 "Leave Your Leaves" signs available--contact us if you would like one for you yard.     

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BEE CLEAN: I will promote healthy soil & will not use chemical pesticides.
BEE COOL: I will leave water out for pollinators.
BEE HELPFUL: I will mow less to allow for lawn flowers to bloom.
BEE HEALTHY: I will plant organic pollinator plants and will not buy plants treated with neonicotinoids. 
BEE CONNECTED: I will talk to neighbors about the importance of pollinators.

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We are in the process of rebranding this campaign to include the whole state--if you're interested in helping create & promote BeeFriendlyNV--send a message to Melissa

Thank you to our partner!

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