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Lets Pass AB162
Pollinator Posse Activate!

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It's Go Time! Please Help Get the Word Out!


On March 1 we will be presenting our friendly amendment to AB162 to the Natural Resources Commitee.  For more info: Download Our Factsheet or our Call To Action Info.


We need you to email the Natural Resouces committee and share on social media and text/call your friends to support as well.  Lets create an avalanche of support!

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BEE CLEAN: I will promote healthy soil & will not use chemical pesticides.
BEE COOL: I will leave water out for pollinators.
BEE HELPFUL: I will mow less to allow for lawn flowers to bloom.
BEE HEALTHY: I will plant organic pollinator plants and will not buy plants treated with neonicotinoids. 
BEE CONNECTED: I will talk to neighbors about the importance of pollinators.

We are in the process of rebranding this campaign to include the whole state--if you're interested in helping create & promote BeeFriendlyNV--send a message to Melissa

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Thank you to our partner!

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