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We are farmers, mentors, and advocates stewarding lands and sharing food & resources for the well-being of our earth, community, and future generations.

Our vision is a vibrant, resilient, and just local food system cultivated by an empowered community.

Our Park Farm program's intention is to grow the next generation of conscientious farmers, innovative educators, and sensible leaders. Through intensive training and mentorship programs, farmer interns will experience the inter-connectedness of food systems and develop contemporary methods to deploy effective change in their communities.


While curriculum is centered on applied holistic farming concepts, our interns will participate in all aspects of their food system and work with local food cooperatives, chain grocers, large and small distributers, restaurateurs and chefs, state universities, hospitals, local nonprofits and food banks, and public schools.


Alumni will be prepared to initiate their own agri-business, effectively advocate for local, state, and federal policies that will enhance their food system, and serve as an ambassador of change for how we participate in our future.

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