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Black Lives Matter

Reno Food Systems continues to stand in solidarity with social justice movements that seek to uplift marginalized populations and amplify voices that have been oppressed through our nation's long history of systemic racism.


This past summer, RFS temporarily halted requests for donations to our organization and instead asked our supporters to please provide financial support to organizations that are dedicated to eradicating racism in our country and ending police brutality. Reno Food Systems donated 50% of our sales revenue from the month of June to PLANevada and Black Earth Farms serving the California East Bay Area. 


We believe that dismantling structural disempowerment, racism, and institutional violence is in direct alignment with our mission to cultivate community-based food systems. We envision a future where everyone has access to healthy food and realize this will only be accomplished when we all can live without fear of the police and with equal expectation of personal well-being and dignity. We commit to continue to uphold and support organizations and people working to eradicate these structures, systems, and institutions so long as these injustices ensue. We commit to amplify the voices and needs of the people most directly impacted in our communities. We encourage our community to make these commitments with us. Black Lives Matter.

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