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5th Annual Reno Garlic Fest

WhenSaturday, July 29th from 3:30-8pm

Location: Dick Taylor Park

Near UNR off of Valley Road in Reno

(the park right by the Evelyn Mount Northeast Community Center;

it's the most western part of the park right by the Kids Playground).

Come meet our local garlic growers and enjoy unique garlicky food.


GARLIC GOODNESS INCLUDES but is not limited to:

Fresh Garlic
Garlic Seed
Garlic Braids
Pickled Garlic
Garlic Bread

Garlic Fries
Garlic Beer

Garlic Cocktails
Garlic Popcorn

Garlic Infused Vinegar
Sweet Garlic Jam
Fire Cider

Bloody Mary's

Garlic Carmel Apples

Garlic Candles

Garlic t-shirts

Garlic Curry

Garlic Pie

Garlic Salsa

... You Get the Point :)








More festival details here!


This free Artown event is brought to you by Reno Food Systems and co-hosted by Be the Change Project.


We are funded by a grant through the Nevada Department of Agriculture. We also have received sponsorship from Sol and Nevada Grown. Thank you to Blue Dot and Down to Earth for your generous donations as well!










So why did we start a festival surrounding garlic? 

Garlic is a delicious, multicultural food that happens to grow really well in Nevada! 


The mission of Reno Garlic Fest is to support our local garlic growers, inspire more people to grow garlic and build community around the love of garlic. The festival does an awesome job of supporting our local garlic growers and building community around the love of garlic, but we wanted to improve a bit on inspiring people to grow garlic so during Covid when we had to cancel the 2020 festival; we decided to adapt the one day, in-person celebration to a year long opportunity for education and inspiration and therefore decided to create an online course to help folks learn how to grow their own!

We coined the course 'A Year in Garlic,' and there are monthly articles and video tutorials brought to your by our very own Reno Garlic Fest growers and lovers. You don't need a facebook or instagram account to participate, and you don't need a lot of time or money to be involved.

If interested in joining the course, all you have to do is register for free on Mighty Networks (it's like a Facebook Group but there are NO ads or algorithms).


There's a super easy to use app that is free to download, but you can also do the course from your web browser:


Go HERE to register for the our FREE Garlic Growing Course!!


The link takes you to a fun, community based platform called GrowingNV that is cultivating our local food community through courses specific to Great Basin gardening & cooking, regional local food related events and other engagement opportunities. You have to join by creating a username etc but it's free to use after you get signed in! Feel free to ask any questions you have about local food in our region on there!

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