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The Fruit and Spice Nursery is in full swing! 

We have plants for sale at Park Farm

Every Sunday 3p-7p

In addition to veggie seedlings, we also have new perennials each week.

Warm Season Veggies are Now available!

All veggie seedlings are $5 each. They come in 6-packs, 3.5", and 4" pots.

See Our Veggie Seedling Variety List below!

At Reno Food Systems, our intention is to both protect public health and promote wildlife habitat through our farm and nursery operations. All our operations are pesticide-free. At Park Farm, we use Full Circle Compost and OMRI certified organic fertilizers.  All the ingredients in our nursery soil mix are OMRI certified organic and we use locally made RT Donovan compost.  When possible, we choose organic seeds. For veggie seeds, we primarily source from Fedco, a seed coop located in Maine that aggregates seeds from nationwide growers.  Fedco does not sell seeds treated with fungicides. They test fruit and vegetable seeds to make sure they are non-GMO and do not sell any GMO seeds.

To read more on Fedco's policy click here.

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Here's a list of existing herbs at Park Farm including size, sun/shade preferences, soil preferences, and part used

Here's our list of descriptions and uses for many of the  herbs and perennials at Park Farm

New this year, we'll have berries, fruit trees, grapes, and more for sale.

Plus lots of perennial herbs available earlier in the growing season.

Many perennials will be available starting in early June.

In addition to perennial herbs, we will have thornless blackberries and black currants available over the next few weeks. please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media for updates.

If you have any questions, please email


Culinary Herbs can add amazing flavors to almost any meal. Here's a couple of tables we put together to help you pair herbs with your favorite foods.  

Which foods go well with each type of herb?

Which herbs go well with specific foods

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As Park Farm is evolving with the addition of our

Heritage Orchard and Productive Pollinator Hedgerows,

we're planting a diversity of annuals and perennials to develop a locally adapted

Fruit and Spice Park 

where we would like to showcase the many food, spice, and medicine plants 

that can be grown locally while also providing habitat for local wildlife

particularly birds, bees, and butterflies.

Add to your edible wildlife habitat landscape with some beautiful food, spice, and medicine plants from our nursery.

Bare root season is over. our resources will stay up on this page for your access. 

Planting Bare Root plants is very different from planting potted plants.

Please review these guides for bare root fruit trees

UC Davis Fruit Trees: Planting and Care of Young Trees

WSU Planting Bare Root Trees

And this guide for bare root berries, grapes and other bare root plants

Indiana Berry Planting Guide

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