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Who We Are

We are a committed and inspired team who share a passion for growing and connecting healthy food to the community.

Welcome to
Reno Food Systems

Growing Food, Feeding People & Building Community

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Welcome to
Reno Food Systems'

Growing Food, Feeding People & Building Community

About Us


What We Do

We are a regenerative agricultural project in Reno, Nevada. We grow food, feed people and foster a beloved community.*


Our Mission

We are farmers, mentors, and advocates stewarding lands and sharing food & resources for the well-being of our earth, community, and future generations.


Support Us

We're always looking for ways to collaborate within our local food system. We believe in the power of regenerative agriculture, food equity and sustainable & healthy living to foster community well being. 

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RFS in Pictures

*"Beloved Community” is a term that Martin Luther King Jr used to refer to a society where caring and compassion drive political policies that support the worldwide elimination of poverty and hunger and all forms of bigotry and violence.

At its core ‘Beloved Community” is an engine of reconciliation. For more information, please check out the King Center.

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