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Be a Hen House Hero!
Great coop Campaign 2024

Reno Food Systems is embarking on a new adventure: Chickens!!!  3 Rhode Island Reds, 3 Blue Andalusians, 3 Blue Laced Wyandotte and 10 Easter Eggers will live at the farm this season, playing a big role in our 2024 regenerative soil health plan. We need your help funding electric fencing and a mobile chicken tractor to allow us to move the chickies around the farm, prepping the fields prior to planting, eating bugs, fertilizing and aerating the soil.   Please donate what you can!

And be sure to Save the Date: our first Seedling Sale/Park Farm Stand will be April 14, 3-6 PM

How your donation supports OUR COMMUNITY:


In 2023:
WE DONATED 658 seedlings to 22 community gardens

WE HELPED 6,012 pounds of free produce make its way to 12 community partners

WE COOKED & DELIVERED a whopping 4,056 prepared meals to guests & staff of the Eddy House and two community food pantries

WE EDUCATED ~ 400 people through 20 workshops & tours, teaching valuable skills about cooking, nutrition, garlic growing, propagating seedlings, using medicinal plants, regenerative farming and the food system, and fruit tree grafting

WE STEWARDED 5 acres of historic farmland, cultivating hundreds of varieties of vegetables, culinary herbs, fruits, medicinals, pollinator and perennial plants

WE MINIMIZED our carbon foot print by distributing our food within a 10 mile radius, generated all of our power from the sun, and turned your yard waste into fertile soil for next year’s crops

WE PAID & TRAINED 6 seasonal farm hands/future farmers

WE HOSTED 37 farm stands that increased nutrient dense food access to over 1,600 people including SNAP, WIC & Senior Nutrition Program participants

WE ENGAGED with HUNDREDS of VOLUNTEERS who DONATED ~2,000 hours on the farm, in the kitchen and @ Garlic Fest

The FArm STand will open April 21!

Neil Bertrando, co-founder of Reno Food Systems, permaculture designer and seedling daddy extraordinaire is bringing his cold season and perennial seedlings for our first farm stand of the season, 

open from 3-5 PM at Park Farm Stand, 3295 Mayberry Drive  

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We are farmers, mentors, and advocates stewarding lands and sharing food & resources for the well-being of our earth, community, and future generations.

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A contribution to Reno Food Systems is an investment in building a more resilient

food system.

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